You can greatly benefit from our Debt Consolidation & Credit Counseling services if:

  • There always seem to be too many bills and not enough pay-cheques.
  • You’re feeling suffocated by your debts.
  • You’re looking for debt and stress relief without bankruptcy.

Did you know the number one cause of family and relationship failure is due to a shortage of money and overwhelming debts? Ballance Consulting provides families with debt and stress elimination. There are many reasons why you may need our help. Most of the people we serve are struggling financially because they don’t have enough money each month to pay both their living expenses and credit card payments. Most are receiving collection calls from creditors and become distressed, anxious, and fear bankruptcy is their only option!

Fear no more!

Our educated and knowledgeable debt consolidation and credit counseling experts can help assist many people, families and businesses with debt elimination. Most settlement outcomes average 80% or more off their original debt. We help negotiate the lowest possible settlement for people in debt, allowing them to give back a small portion to the creditors, thus preventing bankruptcy. All parties involved “win” in this situation and the debtor can start fresh.

When you take on our debt consolidation services, we represent you, and never the creditors. This process ultimately allows you to get a fresh start, get out of debt and rebuild your future by taking control of your life and finances 

The first step to becoming debt free is by calling the credit counseling specialists at Ballance Consulting: 1-877-713-4833.  We also invite you to fill out our privacy-ensured, no-obligation assessment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Soon to expand to other cities and provinces, Ballance consulting currently serves, Victoria, Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville and all of British Columbia.

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